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5 Productivity Tips For Working From Home

With the COVID-19, quarantining, countries/cities being on shutdown, schools closing, and the obsession with cleaning supplies and toilet paper, it is a prime time to let overwhelm take over. Last week Monday, my supervisor called to let me know that I will be working from home (did I mention this is my first time working…

How Personal Development Changed My Life ?

About 4 years ago I felt stuck, stagnant, unfulfilled and unhappy in my personal and professional life. I graduated college, found myself content at my job but not satisfied, feeling stressed about life and lost with no clear direction on how to move forward. On the outside it looked like I had it all together.…

6 Ways To Get Your Mind Right In 2020

Last year, I met with several women who struggle to reach their GOALS and change their MINDSET. They’ve told me: I fear failure and/or success I don’t have anyone to hold me accountable I lack support I’m afraid of what other people will say and think about me I struggle with comparing myself to others…

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