Meet The Coach

Life Coach Nadia is a certified women’s empowerment life coach, whom possess a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Nadia became certified in the field of life coaching, after realizing she saw pieces of herself in others, due to recognizing them via her own life experiences.

Due to unforeseen circumstances which were out of her mother’s control, Nadia became separated from her mother and was raised by another family member.

In 2016, Nadia realized while she was content with her job, she wasn’t satisfied. She knew there was a greater calling in her life, but was unsure of her purpose. She returned to college to pursue her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, with hopes of “feeling” accomplished and fulfilled. But even after Coach Nadia achieved her desired levels of formal learning, she still felt a void. Nadia’s life experiences then became clear to her as one of the most powerful blessings she has ever received. They facilitated her with soul-searching and aided in discovering her True passion in life. Which is to help corporate women who are unhappy in their personal and/or professional lives thrive in their area of greatness by identifying their strengths and navigating through their weaknesses so they can become the women they envisioned themselves to be.

With more than a decade as a qualified mental health professional, Nadia has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting individuals, families and groups with diverse needs with navigating different challenges that arise within their journey.